Korrodest Cr

Korrodest Vacuum Evaporators “CR” are primarily used for the treatment of aggressive solutions such as for ex. chromic acid etc..

With the production line “CR” the concentrate can reach a certain viscosity, however it retains its fluid consistency and is still pumpable.

Korrodest Vacuum Evaporators “CR” have the following major features

Careful treatment of product by using vacuum technology
Low boiling temperature (+35 °)
Proven technology being constantly improved over the decades
Fully automatic operation through integrated PLC control
Simple, clearly designed operation through display of all relevant plant functions, included integrated Online assistance
Prepared for data remote control
High corrosion resistance through the use of Titane and other super alloy materials
Low maintenance work
Low energy consumption through integrated heat pump
Compact design
High availability
Proven construction and technology

Units with higher capacity on request