Korrodest Dry

Korrodest Vacuum Evaporators “DRY” are primarily used for the separation of water from liquid chemicals.

The production line “DRY” allows to reach a final concentrate having, if required, a solid consistency. The line “DRY” is especially suited for cristallising solutions since there are no built-in components within the parts in contact with the product. The solution to be treated is heated up through an eternal heat jacket.

Careful treatment of product
Low boiling temperature
Can be supplied in horizontal version or vertical with integrated rotating scraper
Low demand of the purity specification of the waste water to be treated
Fully automatic operation through integrated PLC control
Simple, clearly designed operation through display included, integrated Online assistance
Ideal thermal degree of efficiency through integrated rotating scraper for the continuousrecirculation of the contents of the chamber and cleaning of the heat exchanger at the same time
High corrosion resistance through the use of super alloy materials