Korrodest K

Korrodest Vacuum Evaporators “K” are primarily used for the separation of water from liquid chemicals.

With the production line “K” the concentrate can reach a certain viscosity, however it retains its fluidconsistency and is still pumpable.

Korrodest Vacuum Evaporators “K” have the following major features:

  • Careful treatment of product by using vacuum technology
  • Integrated heat pump
  • Low boiling temperature (+35 °) thus assuring high distillate quality
  • Proven technology being constantly improved over the decades
  • Fully automatic operation through integrated PLC control
  • Simple, clearly designed operation through display of all relevant plant functions, included integrated
  • Online assistance
  • Prepared for data remote control
  • High corrosion resistance through the use of super alloy materials
  • Low maintenance work
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact design
  • High availability
  • Proven construction and technology

Units with higher capacity on request